What we do is provide online service solution to the people who are looking for domain and hosting registration, website development, software development, mobile application development, office work automation software, digital marketing and online advertisement service through our dedicated team members. And we have a total automation service where you will not loose the integration anywhere because once you register with us you are in a automation cycle which will help both of us to track the running project development phase with the assurance of after sales service as well.

Be Registered with WTDN

Why register before buying any service?

Once you register with we will create a registered account where you will be able to access your profile and order right form the account to track your purchases, premium discount coupon for the products and services and so on. Please feel free to register whether you are buying domain and hosting, software or even digital marketing services from us

Register, Renew or Transfer Domain

TLDs (Top Level Domain) like .com, .net, .org, .info and BTCL Domain (.com.bd) registrationi, shared hosting with shared and dedicated ip, dedicated hosting, hosting re-seller service, blog hosting, online shop and E-commerce hosting

New Domain Registration

We have more than 200 domain extensions available among which TLDs (.com, net, .org, .biz, .info) are popular. Please register with your company name to see available domain for your company

BTCL .com.bd Registration

Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) is the authority for .com.bd registrationis. You need to make an account in BTCL first to register a domain with it.

Transfer Domain

If you are having trouble with your existing IT company please remember you can always transfer your domain from any company to another for better service. Register for free now to transfer the domain immediately

Website/Blog Hosting

Hosting Solution with or without dedicated IP, SSL support. 99% up-time warranty, reliable, linux platform, cloud based

Shared Hosting

If you are thinking of a website for your company as just a portfoliio or web presence for your comapny then shared hosting is the right solution for you.

VPN Hosting

We have VPN hosting solution if you are having problem or has issues with visitors numbers which controll the bandwidth of your website along with your hosting space.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are running a online shop, community, forum, newspaper or any popular blog that has thousands of visitors monthly and want dedicated solution for your customers around the country or around the world then this right solution for you.


Dynamic website for companies, blog, forum, directories etc and online shop, e-commerce, association membership with popular CMS platform like Wordpress, Joomla, Presta Shop, Magento, Opencar, Zencart etc.

Corporate Website

We develop corporate dynamic website with drag and drop functionality to make it easy for our clients which was not 5 years back, to develop thei own website pages on their own

Membership or Association Website

If you are looking membership directory or association website then contact with us immediately. Because we have developed that kind of membership directory website before. We are the right place to start developing now

Blog Website

If you are planning to run a blog for any sector then we have world's most popular platform Wordpress and Joomla to start within 24 hours. Travel, food, shoping, research anything just give it a go

Booking Website

We are the trusted and fastest booking and reservation website developer for travel booking, event booking, flight booking, reservation website etc. Please feel free to consult with website developer directly to get the solution faster.

Online Shop

Have products but not yet sold online or may be have facebook page only with few customers then you must go for online shop to decorate a complete online shop with payment gateway and more..

Other Websites

Web Techno Dot Net is a realiable and trusted partner for any kind of website development. Please feel free to knock us to discuss your website requirement and development components to fulfill your needs

Fast Web Accounting

Online Accounting Software solution for your company not limited to one or two device but accessible from any device globally with login functionality. Whether running trading/manufacturing/project business or running multiple shops it has everything with multiple user access levels.

Sales, Customers

Sales quotation, work order, delivery, Invoice for customers. Cash or partial transaction, outstanding balance report. Sales person commission, credit limit for customers, sales dashboard for short view etc.

Item Stock/Inventory

Inventory location, transfer, adjustments, stock check sheet, stock status, batch item, item kits, unlimited units of measures (kg, pcs, bag etc.), purchase price, sales price, standard cost (avereged automatically), reports, dashboard (top items, quantity etc.)

Purchase Supplier

Purchase order, delivery, invoice to supplier. Supplier credit limit, partial or cash payment and report, outstanding balance etc. Purchase dashboard to have a overview top suppliers, overdue invoices etc.


Project accounting, Profit & Loss, Banking, GL Entry, Tax Groups, Voiding a transaction, Product return, backup, barcode generator, POS location, POS sale, Journal Entry, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Currencies, Exchange Rate etc.


We have softwares for Project, HR, Client, POS, Hospital, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Manpower Management, Manufacturing, LC Management etc. Please contact with us for your queries.

Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not only important but also ensure your higher ranking and also only thing to be found online and create sales online. SEO is a continuous process and there are types such as black hat and white hat. We do not believe in black hat seo.

E-mail Marketing

With email marketing software your can start your email marketing campaing just in couple of minutes. Where you can schedule your email to triger in any given time by group and also will be able to track who read your mail who did not.

Social Media Marketing

We do SMM or social media marketing for your company or facebook pages etc. We not only do the social advertising and marketing but also provide platform for more engagement and tracking customers for future growth

Video Marketing

We will develop animated videos for your video markeing in you tube, facebook and other platforms. We will support from creating your you tube channel to monetization of your videos. Why waiting! Start creating your you tube videos today

Content Marketing

We have content marketing services as well which is one of the most important digital marketing tool for yoiur website. Because your website contents are the most powerful thing to keep visitors busy and engaged who later become your most valuable customers


We provide digital advertising for Google Adsense, Admob, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. Not only them but we have extensive discount policies to show advertise on popular local or internatinal platforms depending on your target customer segmentation

Server Security


Security Socket Layer (SSL) ensures the encryption of the card data during payment online. And also helps ranking (SEO) higher in search engine. It also ensure unintrrupted mail server security. Please contact for price and more details

Codeguard Security

We provide world famous Codeguard security for our clients for staying malware protected. It also provides your website and email backup, website restoration etc. Please contact with us for price and more details


WTDN provides Sitelock security against spam and malware attack on your website. Sitelock website security is a leading and widely used website security services. Please feel free to contact with us for price and more details.

Website Application

We have hundreds of website applications and extensions for both of you and your user to ensure website branding, marketing, user engagement and online sales. Some of them are as below


We provide web application for social integration like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr etc to make sure your website is everywhere and even web visitors could get connected throghout these social applicaions.

Web Forms

WTDN also create customized web forms for your company or for personal use to get online reservations, booking, polls, surveys, newsletter, subscription etc. which is definitely and doubtlessly will grow your online market more extensive by collecting data through thoses forms or subscritions.

Web Communication

WTDN is expert with third party API integration for online chat support, forum support, Q&A support system on your website. We will be happy being your online communication partner to make sure you do not miss a single customer

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